Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello and Welcome to my Blog !

My name is Christian Nelson, I have been working in animation since 2003, starting with the television show Chilly Beach, and have since worked on multiple series, shorts and direct to TV animated films for March Entertainment. I've done work as an animator, storyboarder, designer and have also done concept work for my own and other ideas.

This Blog focuses mostly on the concept work, below are a selection of my favourite works, which you can expand upon by clicking the pictures. I hope you enjoy it, and check back often.


Dr. Pin Short Series

Animated Clips

Stills and concept drawings.

DR. Pin the Movie

An Idea for a movie based on the shorts, still in the very early development stages. Click on the poster to see more of the concept work.



One of my first ideas for a film, that
I am currently turning into a comic book
Click on the left to see the first concept
drawings, or below to see the new comic work.


A collection of concept drawings from other projects that are currently in limbo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Animation samples

Some clips from my "Dr. Pin" series, the full episodes can be seen at and more info can be seen at

Here is the first test for a possible Dr. Pin movie, playing around with a new design.

Dr Pin the Movie?

Our company has been talking about making a feature film, so I decided to adapt the Dr. Pin concept into something that would fill in an hour and a half story. So far the response has been pretty positive from those higher on up

Dr Pin is Online!

After Much waiting the Dr. Pin Webisodes are online! They can be found at and the write up is at our companies website It´s great to see the show officially exists now